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The Economy is Turning…Will You Be Ready?

Two major stories are out about the strengthening of the US economy.  Both bode very well for Automobile Manufacturers and Automotive Dealers.  The first, located here, talks about the “pent up” demand for new cars.  55% of households plan to buy a new car in the next two years.  This confirms what we have thought all along that it is not the weakened economy that has hurt automobile sales, but the FEAR of a weakened economy.  Many people are just holding out waiting to see what happens.  When all of these buyers jump into dealerships, the incentives will dry up faster than the inventory levels.

The second story, located here, shows a huge jump in consumer confidence.  This ties directly to the above article in that it was more of an emotional weakening of the economy, rather than a REAL one.  I know that some people have lost their job and I am sensitive to that, but the overall fundamentals of the economy were not as weak as we were told repeatedly ad nausea.

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2010 Porsche 911 GT3 Test Drive

Hit this link to watch a 90+ second test drive with Rally Legand and Porsche Test Driver Walter Rohrl putting the 2010 911 GT3 through it’s paces.  I imagine that Mr. Rohrl doesn’t hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off in the morning if all he does is pound Porsches all day long.

And he gets paid well to do so….and probably has a hot wife, too.

All New Acura Coming this Fall!

Here is the 6th model in Acura’s line up.  Aimed directly at the BMW X6, it will give the luxury vehicle guest another reason to leave BMW and go with the Scholfield Luxury Experience.

Nowhere else in the United States does a dealership enjoy more market share than the Scholfield Auto Plaza.  It is not a mistake, it is our way of taking care of customers that puts us in the dominating position we are in.

And to show we take nothing for granted, we strive harder every day to come up with even more ways to pamper, spoil, and deliver a car buying and servicing experience second to none!

Lexus IS Convertible SlideShow!

Lexus Announces Pricing on the IS Convertible and the RX Hybrid!

This is the link to the whole story.

The bottom line is this-

The IS Convertible is going to impact BMW 3 Series Convertible sales big time.  And in Wichita, where Lexus has a HUGE market share, it will have an even bigger impact.  The IS will be about $6200 LESS than a comparitively equipped BMW 3 Series.

The RX Hybrid gets the same $2000 equipment added to the standard package and a $200-$400 price drop from the last generation RX Hybrid.  Overall, an enhancement of $2200 to $2400 in added value from the best selling LUXURY Hybrid.

Another Sneak Peak—

Here is a sneak peak at our Saturday ad.  Hot stuff!

Lexus HS250h…the World’s First and Only Dedicated Luxury Hybrid

Here is a link to a video from the HS 250h teaser site.  This video really gives you a sense of how far Lexus is willing to go to pursue perfection.

The “Cat” is ready to Roar!

This link will show you a teaser for the new Jaguar XJ to be announced in London on July 9th.  The styling cues are borrowed from the XF, a very successful addition to the Jaguar line up last year.

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Our Weekend Ad – Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak at our weekend ad!

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Awesome New GS Interior Coming from Lexus!

This story from The Lexus Enthusiast show some awesome pictures of a new interior design from Lexus for the GS.