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We Sell Great Pre-Owned Vehicles!

07 Pre-OwnedCheck out our latest Pre-Owned Specials.  You will find one-of-a-kind vehicles including a Smart Car!  Call or stop by today…

Lease the 2009 Acura TL!

I have personally driven a TL a couple of times over the last few weeks.  I can say without reservation that I love this car.  And this from a Lexus Guy!  I love the feel of the wheel and the ample power it provides.  I am hooked on XM radio, too, because of the TL.  And for the money, it packs a great value.  You have to drive one to believe!2009 tl

2010 Lexus HS 250 h Reviews…

HS 250 h Model Close UpOne of the most anticipated new vehicles coming in the next 4 months is the first ever Lexus HS 250 h.  The first Hybrid Luxury vehicle without a gas-only brother on the market.  The HS shares no design and sheet metal with ANY other Toyota or Lexus currently on the market.  Check out our earlier post about a couple of awesome reviews for the HS.

Lease the 2010 Lexus RX 350!

The vehicle that started an entire classification of automobile is all new again for 2010!  Here is the official Lexus Website for the RX 350 and here is a review of the vehicle.  Stop by today for a test drive and see why this vehicle is the number one selling Lexus since it’s release.04 RX 350 lease

Lease the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK!

The All New GLK is unlike any other Luxury Crossover on the market.  Click here for all of the information on the GLK direct from our website.  Click HERE for a review on the GLK from a respected automobile website.02 GLK Lease

We’re Number One!

The numbers don’t lie!  Based on the RL Polk and Company data from January 1st to March 31st 2009 (the most current data available), Schofield Auto Plaza is proud to represent the top THREE selling Luxury Brands in Wichita.01 Top Selling Brands

Lexus is number 1, Mercedes-Benz is 2nd, and Acura is 3rd.  BMW is sixth on the list!  Maybe this has something to do with it?

More Lexus HS 250 h News and Reviews

The information on the HS 250 h from Lexus is starting to pick up steam.  The following two links have some nice things to say about the HS 250 h.  The first story, located here, is from Edmunds.  It talks about the trunk space (where the batteries are) is much better than the GS 450 h.  They also mention how roomy the interior is, compared to other models in the class.01_2010_hs_250h1

The second review is from Autoblog.  Located here, Autoblog actually got to drive the car for an extended period of time.  From the “Lane Keep Assist” to the enhanced “Heads Up Display”, this is not a stripped down, entry level Lexus.  In fact, there are some first-of-it’s-kind technology on the HS.

The question is, how soon can I place an order for one?

All Signs Point to Yes!

This storyupward_trend_chart in the Wichita Eagle signals what most of Wichita may already know—that the worst of this economic crisis may be over.  While not all of the news was rosy, the trend is turning now that there has been FOUR consecutive months of growth in new housing starts.  Everything from housing starts and automobile sales are starting to creep upwards.

One can only wonder if the momentum can build up enough to start a huge surge in shopping for new homes and kicking tires…

It Pays to Show Up…

Walter Clement Pipp was a very good first baseman.  He played for the New York Yankees and was near the top of the league in several statistical categories.  He led the American League in Home Runs in 1916 and 1917.  He was a contributing member of the powerful New York Yankee lineups of the teens and twenties.

Wally Pipp

Legend has it that Pipp one day had a headache, and couldn’t play.  His protégé, a young first baseman named Louis, was set to start in his place.  Louis had been scouted by Pipp himself.  In fact, he even encouraged the Yankees to sign him right out of Columbia University.

No one really knows if Pipp actually had a headache, was hung over, or just needed a day off.  Louis not only replaced him very well that day, but went on a streak of hitting and power that few in the history of baseball has matched.  Louis and teammate Babe Ruth became two if the most feared hitters in all of baseball.  Louis also never gave up his position to anyone else until 2130 games later.

By now you have guessed that Louis is better known as Lou, as in Gehrig.  Lou amassed an amazing array of baseball records and due to the disease that bears his name; he is a cult hero among baseball fans to this day.

The moral of this story for us all is to prepare to play everyday.  You never know who is waiting in the wings for their chance to play.  Do you stay late to take one more “Up” car salesmen?  Do you show that “one last house” that might make the light flip on to “yes” for your buyer?  Do you go out of your way to make your spouse feel special every day?

From Lou’s perspective, are you just waiting for your chance to shine?  Is there a project at your office waiting for someone to take the reigns and run with it?  Is this part of the reason that Lou played hurt so many times?  Was he afraid that another young ball player would step in if he was absent and take HIS job?

Be ready to play every day.  If you can focus and sell more at the end of the month, you can sell more and focus at the beginning and middle of the month as well.

As the late Paul Harvey would say, and now you know the rest of the story.

Fours Doors Never Looked So HOT!!!

Porsche released the first pictures of the 2010 Panamera being produced in Germany.  Click HERE for the story from Autoblog and click  HERE for the photo gallery.  The red one got my attention!

One curious thing?  I was not aware that Porsches were made by Oompa-Loompas.  No wonder they top the JD Powers Survey!

***Disclaimer*** by no means are we attempting to disparage Porsche, their employees, or the Oompa-Loompas.  We merely point out the similarities between their uniforms…