More Lexus HS 250 h News and Reviews

The information on the HS 250 h from Lexus is starting to pick up steam.  The following two links have some nice things to say about the HS 250 h.  The first story, located here, is from Edmunds.  It talks about the trunk space (where the batteries are) is much better than the GS 450 h.  They also mention how roomy the interior is, compared to other models in the class.01_2010_hs_250h1

The second review is from Autoblog.  Located here, Autoblog actually got to drive the car for an extended period of time.  From the “Lane Keep Assist” to the enhanced “Heads Up Display”, this is not a stripped down, entry level Lexus.  In fact, there are some first-of-it’s-kind technology on the HS.

The question is, how soon can I place an order for one?

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