Daily Archives: June 11, 2009

Our Pre-Owned Specials!

Used CarsThese are the Pre-Owned specials that will be in the Wichita Eagle on Saturday.  We like to give our blog readers (and FACEBOOK fans, and Twitterers, and YouTube-ers) first viewing rights to these cars.  Sometimes we have lowered the price—other times, we’ve just traded for them.

Just know that buying a Pre-Owned vehicle from Scholfield AutoPlaza is the safest, smartest buy in Kansas.  Each and every Pre-Owned vehicle comes with the Scholfield Luxury Experience, our unique initiative towards customer service.  Click this link to watch a short video of the amenities we offer with the Luxury Experience.

Call 316.688.5000 to set up YOUR VIP test drive…

2010 Mercedes-Benz E Class now IN STOCK!

2010 E Class SideBe the first (or second) on your street to test drive the ultimate mid-size vehicle, the E Class Sedan and the E Class Coupe.  Totally redesigned for 2010, everything that is a Mercedes-Benz is in this car.

From personal experience, the day these two showed up at the dealership caused a temporary loss of productivity as everyone from accounting to sales went to the service drive to get a first glance.

The biggest surprise with the all new E Class?  The PRICE!  Very affordable for all that you get…but don’t take MY word for it, drive one today!

The First IS 250 C has arrived!

g_isc_ext11This link will take you to the commercials for the all new 2010 IS 250 C.  With the fastest drop time in it’s category, the IS C is the perfect summer car for that short trip to the jazz concert or the long trip cross country.  With innovative technology to reduce wind noise, you can carry on a conversation with the top down without having to shout!

It’s Jaguar!

jaguar_xf_frontThat’s right!  Jaguar is number one in dependability, sales satisfaction, and customer service according to the most recent industry ratings from a “famous” survey agency.

With the XF, the hottest Jaguar in years, and the new XJ (see the promo video here) coming late this year, Jaguar is ready to make a dent in the luxury market.

2010 Acura V6 TSX!

Ready for some fun?  You have to see and drive the 2010 V6 TSX.b-2010-Acura-TSX-V6-4e7abbc7519c

Ready to take on the IS 350 from Lexus, the 2010 V6 TSX will leave most of the competition in the dust.  Click on this link for a complete breakdown and first drive of the V6 TSX!