First 2010 GX Pictures!

***UPDATE*** We have a few GX 460s in stock!  Our “Consumers” report no issues with their GX!  Drive yourself and see…

More info from the Wall Street Journal on the GX story— CLICK HERE


Someone just asked me the other if I had seen ANYTHING yet about the new GX coming later this fall.  I replied that we hadn’t heard even a whisper about it and then BANG!  The first pictures of the GX from Japan snuck onto the web.09-06-26-2010-lexus-gx-460 My first impression is that these pictures seem to be a logical progression from the current GX.  The lines are similar to the LX 570.

One of the BIGGEST changes seems to be the rear access door.  No longer a HUGE swinging monster but the same type of split gate on the LX. The rear door remains the same easy access swing door!

No word yet from Lexus if the vehicle has additional cameras or not (it probably will) or what other features (like stow and go third row).

We’ll have to wait and see.  As always, thanks to the for their always spot on coverage of everything Lexus!


6 responses to “First 2010 GX Pictures!

  1. it is about time lexux got rid of that silly rear door on the gx470, i will be one of the first in line to buy one

  2. Tim,

    Thanks for the comment! I will let Tom know…


  4. good thing


    GX 460 is my dream car. l wanted to buy it about 5 months ago but advise to hold on. Please advise me the suitable period to go for the vehicle.

    • The GX 460 issue with the extreme driving maneuver has been corrected. The GX was “off the market” for only 8 days when they downloaded a fix. Never was the vehicle involved in any accidents due to this test. When would you like to test drive one?

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