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Top Ten Reasons to Buy an Executive Demo…

With apoligies to all other “Top Ten” listers out there, our home office located about 20 feet behind my desk has compiled the following reasons why you should consider buying an Executive Demonstrator…

10 – The new car smell is still there!

09 – You can brag that it was driven by a celebrity (no, not Coolio, it’s Cuillo)!

08 – They come in many shapes and sizes (we have several to choose from)!

07 – Huge (upto $7000) Discounts (depending on the model)!

06 – Special Incentives and Financing!

05 – Free Starbucks!

04 – Complimentary Car Washes (actually, all of vehicles come with this, but I am running out of ideas…)!

03 – By coming up with this Top Ten idea, it gives my creative side an outlet!

02 – They are still backed by the factory warranty!

And finally….

01 – If you don’t buy one, someone else will!

Stay Tuned (or CLICK HERE) for more information on the vehicles that are available!

Our Ad for Saturday, August 29th

As always, we want to get our ad to the guests that get our newsletter first.  You get first choice of the FINEST luxury automobiles in the world!17511-SCAP (8-28) Hutchinson NewsYou can click here for a bigger version of the ad!!!

AutoPalooza 2009 Updates (yes…again!)

Main Event

Be on the lookout for the following invitation coming soon to a mailbox near you.  If you do not get one, you can still RSVP by e-Mailing the address or calling the phone number in the picture above.  We are excited about all of the events mentioned above and a few surprises.

This will be our biggest and best event yet…

HS 250h Launch Event – Success!!!

We had nearly 150 people attend our launch event for the all new 2010 Lexus HS 250h, the World’s First Dedicated Luxury Hybrid.  We had Representatives from the Lexus Central office on hand to answer questions about this and other Lexus vehicles.

The star of the show was the vehicle itself.  In my humble opinion, people are going to purchase this car because it is a great car, not just a great hybrid.  So often, we would hear people make excuses for buying a hybrid (for the right reasons!).  They might justify giving up power for saving fuel.  Not so here!  The HS provides ample power, space, and fuel economy—the perfect win-win-win combo.

With sales in Japan (it went on sale there 2 months ago) being 15+ times what was expected, the HS will be in high demand in the United States.  We will have our first units within the next ten days (they are sold, but we can always order more).  Call or e-Mail to make sure one is here for you to view!

The 2010 Lexus ES 350!

Hot off the spy presses are pictures of the subtle changes in the 2010 Es 350.  Notice the chrome strip at the bottom of the driver and passenger doors (like the GS).  The front grill has changed as well as the front headlights.  Also notice the rear view mirrors have integrated turn signals in them (like the IS, GS, and new RX).  We have not heard whether or not the nav system will be upgraded like the new IS Convertible.  There appears to be no change for the engine or an all-wheel drive version of the ES.  Maybe we’ll all be surprised when Lexus announces the changes officially…2010 ES CC

2010 ES AA

2010 ES BB

Thanks again to the

Our Saturday Ad ***UPDATED***

As of the mailing of this e-Newsletter, our Saturday Ad had not been approved yet.  When it is, this blog will update with the link to it.  Remember, only guests of Scholfield Auto Plaza get a sneak peak at our Saturday add before it is published.  You get first selection of the World’s finest new and pre-owned automobiles.

***UPDATE***   Here is the sneak peak at Saturday’s Ad!!!

2002 Mercedes-Benz S500 – $22,950

23832You’ll love the ride in this Benz!  Only 63,000+ miles on this 2002 (can you say “low mileage”?  I knew you could) and loaded.  Click here for more details and pictures.

2009 Porsche 911 – $84,950

23856How would you like a “pre-owned” Porsche 911 with only 752 miles?  The guest that bought it decided to go with an even more powerful 911 and traded this beauty back to us.  We are proud to offer it at pre-owned pricing (and CERTFIED!).  Click here for more info!

AutoPalooza 2009 Updates

The 70’s are BACK!  Click HERE for our newest YouTube Teaser Video!

We are proud to announce that we have signed Lotus, of Margarita’s Fame, to play for AutoPalooza 2009!  Be sure to RSVP for this event on September 20th, 2009.  We will also have Special Ride and Drive events in the morning for all five of our brands.  Sign up early to get the best time slots (hourly from 8:00 to 2:00 PM) for the Brand of your choice.


Our Main Event will be from 6:00 to 9:00 and feature food, drinks, and great entertainment.  Lotus will play at 6:15 and 8:00 pm.  At 7:15, be sure to catch our version of the popular 70’s TV program, “The Gong Show”.

Sign up early!

Acura Excitement!

Acura is running some amazing offers in August.  How about a 2009 Acura TL with 2.9% APR (WAC) for up to 60 months?

Acura LogoOr how about a great Lease rate?  Click to our website for more details!