Rare Opportunity to Purchase!

One of the best perks of employment at a Luxury Automotive Retailer is the ability to have “extended test drives” on new vehicles.  It is the duty of our management team to properly evaluate these vehicles and give feedback to our manufacturers and associates.  These vehicles are meticulously serviced and detailed (some of them weekly!) so that they can be shown at a moments notice, should a Guest want to see a particular feature or color combination.  We currently have three vehicles available for your viewing pleasure—

CLS 550 Couple black 2009First, we have a 2009 CLS550 that was our General Manager’s evaluation model.  This vehicle comes with a $7000 discount off of the original MSRP of $77,135.  That’s nearly 10% off!  This vehicle is on our showroom floor (for now!)…

Next, we have a 2010 GLK350 that was driven by our Office Manager.  With only 2852 miles, Mercedes-GLK350-4MATIC-3[1]this demo comes with a $2000 discount from the original MSRP of $40,665.  Special financing may be available on this vehicle to qualified guests.

Blue 911 CabLast, we have a Porsche 911 Cabriolet, driven by our resident Porsche fanatic, General Sales Manager Travis Brandenburgh.  Travis owns the shortest commute and has barely bumped the odometer in this 911.  This vehicle is proudly on display at the Wichita Open this weekend.  Please call ahead of time if you would like to see this vehicle at the Dealership.  We would be more than happy to bring it back for a test drive.

Call or e-Mail if you have any questions about these vehicles.  And stay tuned as you never know when another Executive Demonstrator will become available.

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