HS 250h Launch Event – Success!!!

We had nearly 150 people attend our launch event for the all new 2010 Lexus HS 250h, the World’s First Dedicated Luxury Hybrid.  We had Representatives from the Lexus Central office on hand to answer questions about this and other Lexus vehicles.

The star of the show was the vehicle itself.  In my humble opinion, people are going to purchase this car because it is a great car, not just a great hybrid.  So often, we would hear people make excuses for buying a hybrid (for the right reasons!).  They might justify giving up power for saving fuel.  Not so here!  The HS provides ample power, space, and fuel economy—the perfect win-win-win combo.

With sales in Japan (it went on sale there 2 months ago) being 15+ times what was expected, the HS will be in high demand in the United States.  We will have our first units within the next ten days (they are sold, but we can always order more).  Call or e-Mail to make sure one is here for you to view!

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