Top Ten Reasons to Buy an Executive Demo…

With apoligies to all other “Top Ten” listers out there, our home office located about 20 feet behind my desk has compiled the following reasons why you should consider buying an Executive Demonstrator…

10 – The new car smell is still there!

09 – You can brag that it was driven by a celebrity (no, not Coolio, it’s Cuillo)!

08 – They come in many shapes and sizes (we have several to choose from)!

07 – Huge (upto $7000) Discounts (depending on the model)!

06 – Special Incentives and Financing!

05 – Free Starbucks!

04 – Complimentary Car Washes (actually, all of vehicles come with this, but I am running out of ideas…)!

03 – By coming up with this Top Ten idea, it gives my creative side an outlet!

02 – They are still backed by the factory warranty!

And finally….

01 – If you don’t buy one, someone else will!

Stay Tuned (or CLICK HERE) for more information on the vehicles that are available!

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