The HS 250h is the New “HOT”…

After getting over 10,000 orders for the all new HS 250h in Japan (Lexus expected 500!), the demand for the World’s first dedicated luxury hybrid is surprising many in the industry.  Not here at Scholfield Auto Plaza, though.PIC_0174

After getting our hands on this vehicle, we knew our guests would want to drive it.  With lots of interior space, and aggressive styling, the HS is the first hybrid that doesn’t have to apologize for being a hybrid.  You know what I mean, right?  Every hybrid owner (especially one of the domestics) says in an apologetic tone, “It’s a hybrid and it gets GREAT mileage”… and everyone else in the group is thinking “yeah, but it ugly and my Grandma can get up to speed faster with her walker than that thing”.

And priced in the upper $30’s to low $40’s gives this vehicle a strong competitive standing…call 316.688.1919 to see it for the first time at Scholfield Lexus!

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