What is a “Ride and Drive”?

Ever wonder why a luxury vehicle or a luxury sports car is different than a “regular” car or truck?  Why not let our team of professional drivers show you?  With new tours starting every hour on the hour, you can experience true driving pleasure and race driving all at one place.

Featuring all five of our luxury brands, the “Ride and Drive Experience” will start your AutoPalooza 2009 day off right!  Maybe you’ll test drive the Jaguar XF on the streets and highways around Wichita.  Then jump over to Hawker-Beechcraft for the Porsche experience.  Let one of Porsche’s pro drivers take you on a “white-knuckle” test drive.  Then maybe calm things down and take a tour in an LS 460 from Lexus.  Experience the smooth quiet ride with a 450 watt, 19 speaker sound system.  And don’t forget Acura and Mercedes-Benz.

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