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Look Out: 2010 Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid

Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid

European manufacturers have been slow to adopt hybrid-electric technology—in part because half the new cars sold there are diesels, which use less fuel to start with. Now Mercedes-Benz has launched its first production hybrid.

It’s a simple “mild hybrid” that restarts the engine after it’s switched off when stopped, as well as adding some degree of electric boost. But the new car comes with a kicker: The Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid is the very first production hybrid in the world with a battery that uses lithium ion cells, rather than the less energy-dense nickel-metal-hydride found in every other hybrid thus far.

To read more about this exciting new hybrid addition to the Mercedes-Benz lineup, visit: http://www.hybridcars.com/vehicle/mercedes-benz-s400-hybrid.html

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Spy Shots: 2010 GX460

GX460 Spy Front







Toyota engineers are putting the final engineering touches on their revamped 2010 Lexus GX 460 with a jaunt out into the California desert for some hot-weather durability tests. Last week Lexus confirmed that the redesigned GX would debut next month in Shanghai and hit U.S. dealers in December.

The GX is expected to pick up Toyota’s new 4.6-liter V8 (hence the name change to “Lexus GX 460”), which is rated at 310 hp and 327 lb-ft of torque in the full-size Tundra and Sequoia. It should be rated similarly in the GX 460, providing a healthy hp increase over the 263-hp 4.7-liter V8 in the 2009 GX 470. A switch to a 6-speed automatic should improve fuel economy, too.

For the whole story and another picture of the new GX visit:


Fall & Winter Service

Everyone in Kansas knows that we put our vehicles through the worst weather on the planet.  From 110 degree summer days to ice storms in the winter, our vehicles ride through it all.  Now that winter is fast approaching, have you given thought to checking your tires and heating systems?  Is your spare tire ready to save the day?

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Stop in and let one of our expert, factory trained Service Advisors give your vehicle a FREE multi-point inspection.  While you are waiting, enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino or coffee from our Starbucks Kiosk, or in the coming weeks, a tasty surprise in the morning when you drop off your vehicle.

Easy Corn Salsa!

I have had so many ask for this recipe, I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube! Use fresh or canned ingredients, it really doesn’t matter.  You can also adjust the quantity of any item to satisfy your own creative side.  You can also add grated cheese to the finished product as well.Roasted Salsa-400-300

The Time Traveler’s Wife (Movie Review)

Time mainThe Time Traveler’s Wife is a movie for people who aren’t really that into time travel. It avoids getting bogged down in the sci-fi specifics of its premise, in which a man named Henry (Eric Bana) spends his entire life jumping through time from one year to the next, and instead focuses on the emotional impact that has. The result is a film that’s kind of like The Notebook meets Quantum Leap, and not just because it co-stars Rachel McAdams. Yet director Robert Schwentke’s approach to Henry’s never ending time travel dilemma is simple and sentimental. After a summer full of overly complicated and utterly empty robotic explosions, it’s a welcome relief.

Unfortunately before it can get good, Time Traveler’s Wife begins with one of the worst cinematic sins. If there are people in a car and they’re happy, we know they’re going to die. It’s a scene that’s been done to death so many times it’s expected. No one ever shows families riding around on screen unless something horrible is about to happen to them. It’s a cliché well past its expiration date….(Click for the rest of the review)

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