You’ve Seen the Commercials—NOW See One in Person!

When Lexus announced the HS 250h, many skeptics wondered if Lexus really needed another sedan positioned between the IS (sporty and smaller) and the ES (soft ride and medium).  When we at Scholfield Lexus got the chance to test drive the HS, we were pleasantly surprised to find the HS to be as roomy as the ES inside, with the same fun driving experience as the IS.  In fact, the HS has the same 0 to 60 time as the IS 250.

When you factor in that the HS was developed in the last 3 years while the IS and ES were developed 7 and 6 years ago respectively, the HS has all of the new technology (iPOD, MP3, USB, etc) that the ES and IS are just now catching up to.

When you consider that the HS is priced in the same range as the ES and IS, the argument is quite compelling that the HS may be a better value.

And something I almost forgot to tell you!  Due to the nature of the drive train in the HS, it also gets much better fuel economy.  Depending on how you drive, as much as 50% better!

And lastly, did I mention that the HS 250h also happens to be a hybrid?  At last, the world’s first dedicated luxury hybrid that doesn’t have to apologize for being a hybrid!


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