Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmmm”…

One side effect of the “cash for clunkers” program was the total wipeout of vehicles priced under $5000.  This caused many low end dealerships to move to vehicles with a higher retail price.  In fact, prices of pre-owned vehicles actually increased (via auction and direct sales) immediately following the “cash for clunkers” program.discoveryFeature300

What does this mean to you, the Luxury Vehicle Owner?  It means now it is more important than ever to purchase your vehicle from a factory authorized certified dealer.  Do you really want to purchase a luxury vehicle from a dealership that can’t even service or diagnose any issues with your vehicle before you purchase it?

Remember that ANY luxury vehicle that has been passed over by the luxury dealer usually has a story attached to it.  With the shortage of vehicles in the pre-owned market, we have seen more salvaged vehicles being sold than ever before.  In fact, an out of town dealer brought a Lexus ES 350 into our shop to have the vehicle reconditioned.  It needed about $4500 worth of repairs.  They declined $3800 worth of the repairs.  It was determined that the ES was actually a salvaged vehicle!  It was listed in “Wheels For You” as “Like New”.23856

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Purchase Your Next Pre-Owned Vehicle from Scholfield Auto Plaza—

10 – Every vehicle is hand-selected!

09 – You can ONLY purchase a Certfied Pre-Owned vehicle from an AUTHORIZED automotive retailer!

08 – We have our best selection in nearly a year!

07 – We have retired Service Loaners, too!

06 – We get first “dibs” on all off-lease vehicles!

05 – Factory Warranties on Certified Vehicles (not a crummy third party smoke-show warranty)!

04 – Factory Trained Technicians (not your local shade tree mechanic) inspection of EVERY Pre-Owned Vehicle!

03 – Starbucks Coffee and Gourmet Pastries in our Service Lounge!

02 -State of the Art diagnostic (some cost over $100,000) equipment the “independent” repair won’t invest in!

01 – The Scholfield Luxury Experience!  Our UNIQUE initiative towards customer care

Stop by or call for your VIP Test Drive!

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