Winter is Around the Corner!

snow tiresI know you didn’t want to be reminded that winter is just around the corner.  But it is prudent to be prepared for it!

Remember, driving pleasure need not stop for winter.  That’s why we suggest the Winter Check from Scholfield Auto Plaza  Service.  With your luxury vehicle, you’ve fulfilled a dream.  It represents power, performance, and driving pleasure.  So it’s our job to keep it that way. In every season, 365 days a year.

The Winter Check from Scholfield Auto Plaza (and Lexus, too) Service will prepare your vehicle properly for the coldest season of the year. During an inspection, we’ll check safety-related and important parts and components, for example the lights, heating, brakes and tires. We’ll also protect your vehicle against weather-related damage such as frost, fit winter wheels and, on request, store your summer wheels for you.  Call or e-Mail us today to get your vehicle inspected.

Do you need new winter tires or perhaps a complete set of winter wheels?  We supply tires produced exclusively for our luxury vehicles.  Only those tires that meet stringent manufacturer standards for driving stability, comfort and reduced fuel consumption are offered at Scholfield Auto Plaza.  We also have the expertise to not damage the air pressure systems that are on virtually all of our luxury vehicles.  Don’t let an 18 year old at the local mega-mart cause a $1000 (a recent example) repair to your vehicle by destroying the tires sensors…

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