Travel Review – Branson, MO

I had the pleasure of visiting Branson, Mo for the first time in twelve years at the beginning of November.  To say I was blown away would be an understatement!  Branson has grown up in a good way and has something for everyone.

We stayed at the Holiday Hills Resort, where we got a one week stay in a two bedroom condo for only $380!  With five of my children, we filled the space nicely and had plenty of room for our things.  The resort is located 3 miles east of the amazing Branson Landing (more later on that!) and is set around an 18-hole golf course.

We did the Titanic Museum Tour.  The coolest thing about the tour is you are assigned a passenger when you start your tour.  You learn all about the person and then when the tour is over, you learn whether or not you survived the tragedy or not.  My wife and daughter survived.

We also were there for the Annual Christmas Parade and saw several stars of the Branson Strip.  Andy Williams and the Osmond Brothers were the highlight of the slowest moving parade I have ever seen.

We raced go karts on one of several tracks in Branson.  My 4-year-old Williams giggled the whole time and was pleased to have “won”.  We then went into the arcade and beat the stuffing out of a few moles and alligators.

We ate at several restaurants and were pleased to find out that the next big thing in Branson is a Restaurant row with famous national chains like PF Chang and Cheesecake Factory coming soon.  Of course, you can find just about every imaginable buffet in Branson if that is your favorite kind of meal.

We spent our first evening at the Branson Landing.  It is an outdoor mall with a Belk’s Department Store on one end and a Bass Pro Shop on the other.  The water show was a scaled down Bellagio show with the addition of fire and explosions thrown in.  We ate at the San Francisco Oven, which was like a McAlister’s, except with good food and a quiet atmosphere.

We only went to two of the four outlet malls (I had three teenage daughters with us) and one was packed, the other not.  It was sad to see the red roof outlet mall so rundown.  That was the biggest and best twelve years ago.

All in all, we had a great time and would go again.  Check around and shop for deals and you can spend an affordable weekend that is a short drive from Wichita.

7 responses to “Travel Review – Branson, MO

  1. Hey, enjoyed your review. I am a performer in Branson and have the enjoyable task of living here 9 months out of the year. If you are looking for a Great vacation the prices are the best I have seen in the 10 years I have been in Branson. Great food, Great fun, at a Great price with wonderful shows for anyones taste. We have Broadway, Las Vegas Magic and Variety shows that are as good as anywhere in the world. From Chinese Acrobats to the 12 Irish Tenors to the Liverpool Legends and a little Opera Branson has a plethora of choices. Then there are the standbys like Dixie Stampede, The Presley’s and the Baldknobbers.
    Over 100 shows and 3 big lakes where you can fish for trout and move just a few miles down the road and get a few choice Bass. It is a great place!

  2. Congratulations. Your info comes across more like”news info” rather than plain advertising.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. where in the world is Branson

  4. hi it is me i have a qestion dose it look the saime as it was ?
    and it makes me cry when i see pics of the titanic and thay put mean thengs to it . 😦
    but i hope it was good there .
    BY:jennifer-lee franziska uhlig

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