Travel Review – Las Vegas, NV

One of the most popular features of our Scholfield Luxury Expereince is our Complimentary Airport Shuttle Service.  In fact, we have already served nearly 500 guests with this service.  Although we do not keep exact stats, it seems a majority of these trips are to Las Vegas.  Since I have been to Vegas many times, I thought I would give a few bits of advice to you from my experiences and those of our guests.

Where to Stay?

I have stayed fancy (Paris, MGM, Bellagio) and I have stayed cheap (Excalibur, Imperial Palace, Sahara) and can honesty tell you that the experience is not dimenished by staying cheap and saving money.  In fact, I like staying on the side of the strip that the monorail is on (MGM, Imperial Palace, Bally’s) because it makes it easier to get around.

What to Do?

Besides the Bellagio Fountains, the Forum Shoppes, and the Wynn Hotel, be sure you check out ALL the hotels.  Each one is different, and has a look and feel all it’s own.  Also check out the Planet Hollywood Mall.  A great place to find inexpensive gifts for the kids at home and the office.  Planet Hollywood is also where Ashton Kutcher filmed a movie.  The club in Planet Hollywood can be star filled on most weekends.  There is a columnist named Norm that gives all the celeb sightings.

In all, Vegas can be a quick, cheap getaway from Wichita.  It’s funny how nearly everyone comments that they are glad to be home when they get back to Wichita.  Me included…

Dan Watkins-CCC Manager

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