Movie Review – Sherlock Holmes (PG-13)

Sherlock Holmes was one of the most interesting films I have seen his year.  Robert Downey, Jr. portrays him as a man that is unbelievably brilliant, almost disturbed, in how he interacts with those around him.

I was surprised with the level of fighting and mayhem in this movie.  Not that it was a bad thing, it was not what I expected.  I thought the movie captured the late 1800’s very well, right down to the look of the streets and costumes.  In fact, the streets were so gritty you could almost smell them!

I do not want to give plot away, suffice to say there are surprises and twists.  The love interest and interesting relationship between Holmes and Watson help you to connect with each of the characters in a way that makes you genuinely care for them and what happens to them.

I highly recommend this film and if I had an official rating system, I would give it 5 gears out of 6…

Dan Watkins – Client Care Manager

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