Recipe – Taco Poppers

1 – Bag of Tostito’s Scoops

1- Pound of Ground Meat (Turkey works GREAT!)

1 – Package of Taco Seasoning

1 – Cup diced onions

1 – Cup shredded lettuce

1 – 12 oz pkg frozen corn

1 – 8 oz package of cheese

Hot Sauce to taste

Prepare ground meat and onions according to Taco Seasoning instructions.  While the ground meat is simmering, arrange Scoops in a single layer in a baking dish or tray.  After meat is cooked, layer the Taco Poppers as follows starting with the bottom and working up:

Corn, Meat/onions, lettuce, cheese, and hot sauce (if wanted).

We use these as appetizers or make a double batch for use as a main course.  My kids love to make these since we let them help make them!

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