Thanks to You!

CONGRATULATIONS…You have arrived at a dealership nationally recognized for excellence in customer care.

Over the past year, thanks to much hard work, dedication, and a bit of good fortune as well, we have earned the highest customer satisfaction rankings in the history of our company.  We owe a debt of gratitude to our guests, as it is only you who made this possible.

  • We earned a ranking of #1 in the USA for our Certified Pre-Owned Guest Experience.
  • We are proud to be #1 in the Entire Midwest Region for our Guest Delivery Experience.
  • We are among the top 15% of all dealers nationwide in our Service Experience.
  • We are within the top 25% of all dealers nationwide in our Sales Experience.

You will note that as the manufacturer ranks its dealers, the key word throughout is “experience,” that is, the manufacturer wants to know from the guests, “how was your experience at the dealership”?  As you know from all the communication you receive from us, we aim to provide the utmost in customer care and attention to detail, the sum total of which we have proclaimed The Scholfield Luxury Experience.

Thank you.  And enjoy The Scholfield Luxury Experience once again!

One response to “Thanks to You!

  1. The change at this dealership in the past year or so is unbelievable. I would never have thought it possible to have this amount of positive energy come forth in this period of time. Congratulations to all of the Scholfield Team Members and my sincerest thanks.

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