We’re Back!

Wow!  It’s seems like forever last month since we last posted!  We had some hardware/software snafus issues that prevented us from seeing what we were trying to post…. obviously an issue, eh?

Expect some really mind-blowing cool news and info from here on out, including (looks around to make sure no one is watching) some info about shovels and construction….but you did not hear that from me….

Just a curious note, it was reported that over 500 vehicles were demolished struck pounded by hail at the airport two weeks ago.  We had over 20 guests out-of-town at the time and our Competition Smashing Award Winning Airport Shuttle Service saved those guests from having to deal with what would have been over $100,000 in hail damage to their vehicles!  Several Airport Employees remarked that they saw a lot of BMWs, Cadillacs, and Lincolns other luxury brands with major damage.  Guess they should have bought one of OUR brands!

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