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The Last Week of the Month AND Year…

It’s that special time of the year where YOU can find the absolute best incentives and specials at Scholfield Auto Plaza!  Even if you are NOT in the market for a new or pre-owned luxury vehicle, you owe it to yourself to discover what you can save!

Do you like 0% financing?  Well qualified individuals will get 0% financing on nearly EVERY new vehicle in stock.

Do you need a great lease?  The most advantageous terms of 2010 are being offered by our manufacturers to help guests into new vehicles.  Have a lease now that is up within the next 12 months?  You won’t believe what some of our brands are doing to move you out of your old vehicle and into a new one.

Our business has been quite brisk lately.  With our guests moving from older vehicles to new, our pre-owned inventory is the strongest it’s been all year!  Nearly 70, almost flawless certified pre-owned vehicles to choose from!

As more of our inventory is purchased and leased, our brands are offering us loyalty and conquest incentives to allow us to put together a transaction we might not have been able to put together otherwise.  Since we are nearing the goals we have put in place for 2010, we also have incentive to put together a transaction we might not have been able to even LAST month.

Call TODAY!  Stop in NOW! Do not let the vehicle of your dreams be purchased or leased by someone else…


Jaguar Sales Event!

Associate of the Month – Trina Willis!

The All New 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL

It’s time to get on the list!  Even though the launch is over a year away, the New SL has already generated interest from those wishing to be first on the list.  There are details to be worked out still but we will launch this vehicle the same way as every other hot new vehicle launch.  There will be two lists:

  1. “Here is my deposit.  I want one of the first SL’s off the line.”
  2. “Call me when you get more info.  I want to see pricing, colors, and options before I take the plunge.”

Regardless of which list you are on, we are going to create a “watch page” for information on the SL as it becomes available.  You will notice at the top of the blog where we have our “Awards” and “Our Brands” tabs (as well as others) we have added a 2012 SL tab.  This will be our home for information exclusive to the SL.

Drop by from time to time to see what is new for the SL…and place your deposit TODAY…Be among the first to own the new SL!

***the above photo was taken during hot weather testing in California and is heavily camouflaged…***