Porsche 911 Black Edition

I guess I could have just posted the title and the picture below and that would be all you would need to know that you HAVE to own this vehicle!

But then, we would not be able to tell you some of the details of this one of a kind Porsche.  For starters, this beauty sits on four 19 inch Turbo II two-tone wheels.  Enough gripping power to let you explore every horse of the 345 horses the engine outputs.

Next, enjoy the amazing Bose Sound System and Porsche Navigation (PCM).  If you are going to be going fast, you had better know where you are going.  From the black instrument backing, the “Black Edition” doors sills, to the 911 logo on the back, every detail of the Black Edition has been meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

Click this link to go directly to the Porsche 911 Black Edition Website.  You won’t be disappointed…

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