Daily Archives: March 16, 2013

Mocha Protein Smoothie

A favorite for me in the morning when I think I deserve a treat without busting the healthy lifestyle I am choosing for myself…

16 OZ – crushed ice

Two Scoops – vanilla protein powder

2 – tablespoons instant coffee

1 – tablespoon instant sugar free Cappuccino powder

1/2 – tablespoon cocoa powder

12 oz – water (or mix it with Almond Silk)

1-2 oz – sugar free caramel syrup

Mix everything in a blender (my Ninja works great!) and blend until smooth….

Enjoy!  Makes about 33 oz total…


Mobile Wash Update

Mobile Wash Vehicle

It’s that time of year where we dust off the Mobile Wash Vehicle (actually, we keep it clean all year, too) and get ready to start up our most popular (judging by our reviews and letters to Mr. Cuillo) amenity of the Luxury Experience.


Remember, the Mobile Wash is scheduled in specific areas on different days of the week, so if your first choice is not available, work with a member of the Client Care Center to find the right time and day.

Remember to tease your neighbors and ask them when the last time THEIR luxury automotive dealer came to THEIR house to wash their luxury vehicle…

Jaguar Sales Event

Click HERE for all of the offers for this great event.

The best part about this event is that this sale covers nearly every Jaguar in the line up, including the new 6 cylinder engine vehicles that give you the best of fuel economy and the spirited Jaguar driving experience.

With all-wheel drive options now, snow, ice, rain, or just leftover sand on the side of the road is no longer an excuse to not drive a Jaguar!

Lexus Tops All Major Awards


These are but a few of the recent awards that Lexus has earned from not only the auto industry, but more importantly, the owners.

With amazing new models arriving everyday, you owe it to yourself to check out Lexus’ all-new pursuit…

RLX Test Drive

Now we several to choose from, which is what will happen AFTER you Test Drive the All-New RLX from Acura…

The 2014 Acura RLX is on the ground and ready to test drive!  Click here to set up your VIP test drive and experience the best Acura has to offer.

New Tires Offer

Time for new tires?

Click HERE for a $50 off special on the purchase of a set of four new tires.  Expires on April 15th, 2013 (don’t worry, we’ll have another great offer for you then, too!)

Test Drive – 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK350

20130315_081431One of the best perks of working at a luxury automotive retailer like the Wichita Luxury Collection is the opportunity to drive amazing vehicles.  The downside is that often, the vehicles are all so amazing and so luxurious, that one could miss out on the pleasure of driving.

Recently, I had the good fortune to take a 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK out for a drive.  I had seen the commercials for this vehicle on TV promoting all the changes from 2012 to 2013.

20130315_081400Being in the automotive industry sometimes causes one to have a jaded impression of automotive commercials as EVERY new vehicle is a million quite a bit better than the previous model.  I mostly write off this kind of sensationalism as pure marketing.20130315_081418

The surprise for me this time though was that the marketing maybe didn’t go far enough in sharing the changes and refinements that Mercedes-Benz put into the 2013 GLK.20130315_081332

Usually, in a vehicles life-cycle, the mid-model “refresh” consists of a few new paint colors, changes to the headlight and tail light configuration, and maybe changing the black trim on the vehicle to chrome.  I was surprised when I first sat down and immediately was impressed with the redesign of the interior, from the dash, to the center console, and even the navigation display screen.

After driving a few miles, I then realized the vehicle has a smoother, softer ride as well.  Still a very spirited, fun vehicle to drive, but quieter and smoother than before.  The handling seemed tighter, too.  I was easily able to park the vehicle in tight spaces and maneuver around the piles of snow we had at the dealership.


Another nice surprise was the updated navigation system.  The “birds-eye” view mode of the navigation screen gave a much nicer, clearer picture of where I was going.  It was also intuitive on how to enter an address, with some of the data input by the GLK in a predictive way similar to how a cell phone tries to predict what you are trying to type, or how Google fills in the rest of the word while typing in a search.20130315_081344

I could go on and on about the GLK, but the best way to learn about it is to DRIVE the GLK, which you can do by clicking HERE.  A copy of this request will come to me and I will make sure a Mercedes-Benz specialist contacts you to confirm your VIP Test Drive.