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Summer Travel Top Destinations

Who doesn’t love to travel?  And even though we all hate to leave Wichita, the truth of the matter is that we just have to every now and then, or how else would we appreciate all the great things we have in Wichita?

So if you MUST get out of town, here are a few places you might consider according to Lonely Planet:

Our Top Picks For North America

  • 6 New Orleans, USA

    Cajun and creole cookin’, beguiling bawdy culture, jazz and ahh – Mardi Gras

  • 7 Niagara Falls, Canada

    An undiminished world wonder despite the human circus and architectural spoil

  • 8 Teotihuacán, Mexico

    Explore a pair of mysterious and majestic pyramids, remnants of a mighty civilisation

  • 9 Las Vegas, USA

    Legendary city of 24/7 hedonism, two-fisted debauchery and bacchanalian revelry

  • 10 Pratt, Kansas

    Check out the two water towers, one each for hot and cold water!

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Summer Concerts

From Bieber to the Beach Boys to Black Sabbath, the Summer of 2013 promises to be a memorable one for live music.

Follow this link to a list of most of the major concerts events coming to a city near you.  Some of these concerts will be coming to Wichita and the Intrust Bank Arena.

In fact, with Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton and others coming to Wichita, we may have to enhance our Luxury Experience….but you didn’t hear anything from this blog…..yet…..

New 2012 Vehicles Remaining

The following vehicles are all that’s remaining from our 2012 model year.  Most if not all of these vehicles have special incentives from the manufacturers to help us place them into your garage…

2012 Vehicles

Lexus Safety

Most of you know about how Lexus is a great vehicle when it comes to comfort, value, technology, and luxury.  Every so often, we are reminded that Lexus is also one of the finest vehicles to be in should you ever find yourself in an accident.

The following pictures show the damage on one of our service loaners that was involved in a frontal impact collision.  As you can see from the pictures, the damage was severe.

IMG_2443 IMG_2446 Lexus Crash 01 Lexus Crash 03As you can see, the front of this 2013 RX 350 was completely destroyed.  What you don’t see is the guest that walked away from this accident because the damage was where it was supposed to be!  The damage, while intense and severe, was kept to the engine compartment!

In fact, all four doors still opened and closed as if nothing had happened! We think that this example illustrates the amazing amount of time and engineering skill it took to limit the damage to the non-human areas of the vehicle.

The RX 350 can be replaced.  The guest inside can not….

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Click this LINK to learn about the amazing new 2014 S-Class.  The following are some of the “First of It’s Kind” technology and features of the new S-Class:

  • First-of-its kind MAGIC BODY CONTROL® suspension that can detect bumps and unevenness on the road ahead and proactively adjust to the appropriate suspension settings.
  • PRE-SAFE® PLUS, Brake and Impulse can provide a host of anticipatory front and rear occupant protection measures.
  • DISTRONIC PLUS® adaptive cruise control with Steering Assist can automatically adjust speed and lane position.
  • Brake Assist System BAS® PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist can detect and prepare for a potential collision from either side of an intersection.
  • Stereoscopic camera can warn the driver of potential dangers faster than any other system in the world.

And this is just the beginning!  Click for more…

Upcoming Events & Announcements

From July 2014 – We are taking reservations for the YMCA Gala at the Lexus VIP Lot at Intrust Bank Arena….Click HERE to reserve your place!

We will soon be open at Audi Wichita.  If all goes according to plan, new Audi vehicles will arrive by the end of July to go on sale in August.  We are able to take pre-orders today if you want to be among the first!

October, 2014 will see the Grand Opening celebration at Lexus of Wichita.  You have either been to or heard about the parties we organize for our guests.  Make sure we have a valid e-Mail address for you (and you are not an “opt-out”) for more information as time draws near…

From June 2014 – One of our most popular amenities is about to get 50% better!  That’s right!  We are breaking ground on an additional car wash lane at our new campus on Greenwich JUST north of 13th street.

It will take about 100 days to complete, but this will give us 2 lanes at the new campus and one lane at our legacy campus at Kellogg and Greenwich.

Acura ILX Lease Specials

2013 ILX 5 Speed Automatic Featured Special Lease

$209 per month for 36 months

$2499 total due at signing

Includes down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, titles and fees. For well-qualified lessees.

Featured Offer

The Lunch Experience

2014 09 20 Lunch Promo e-Mail

Summer Movie Schedule

The 2013 Summer Movie season is already on us with Ironman 3 and the Great Gatsby already ringing up cash registers across the world.  Click HERE for a great list (and more) of what to expect this summer from Hollywood.

Luxury Experience Hollywood Style

Associates Brian Ard and Dan Watkins had the pleasure of assisting John Travolta and his crew around Wichita recently.  Mr. Travolta was warm and friendly, and openly chatted with both Associates.20130504_185435 20130504_185448Although Mr. Travolta was in town for only a very short while, he left many Wichitan’s gasping when he walked by and waved at them.  In fact, several young ladies screamed right after he walked by.

Dan asked him if that ever got old, and in his best Danny Zuko voice (Grease), he simply replied “It’s cool.  It is what it is.”

Well said.