Upcoming Events & Announcements

From July 2014 – We are taking reservations for the YMCA Gala at the Lexus VIP Lot at Intrust Bank Arena….Click HERE to reserve your place!

We will soon be open at Audi Wichita.  If all goes according to plan, new Audi vehicles will arrive by the end of July to go on sale in August.  We are able to take pre-orders today if you want to be among the first!

October, 2014 will see the Grand Opening celebration at Lexus of Wichita.  You have either been to or heard about the parties we organize for our guests.  Make sure we have a valid e-Mail address for you (and you are not an “opt-out”) for more information as time draws near…

From June 2014 – One of our most popular amenities is about to get 50% better!  That’s right!  We are breaking ground on an additional car wash lane at our new campus on Greenwich JUST north of 13th street.

It will take about 100 days to complete, but this will give us 2 lanes at the new campus and one lane at our legacy campus at Kellogg and Greenwich.

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