Summer Travel Top Destinations

Who doesn’t love to travel?  And even though we all hate to leave Wichita, the truth of the matter is that we just have to every now and then, or how else would we appreciate all the great things we have in Wichita?

So if you MUST get out of town, here are a few places you might consider according to Lonely Planet:

Our Top Picks For North America

  • 6 New Orleans, USA

    Cajun and creole cookin’, beguiling bawdy culture, jazz and ahh – Mardi Gras

  • 7 Niagara Falls, Canada

    An undiminished world wonder despite the human circus and architectural spoil

  • 8 Teotihuacán, Mexico

    Explore a pair of mysterious and majestic pyramids, remnants of a mighty civilisation

  • 9 Las Vegas, USA

    Legendary city of 24/7 hedonism, two-fisted debauchery and bacchanalian revelry

  • 10 Pratt, Kansas

    Check out the two water towers, one each for hot and cold water!

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