Witness the Future of Luxury!

September 20th – The day has finally arrived!  On Monday, September 23rd, the all-new Mercedes-Benz of Wichita will open on Greenwich, just north of 13th.  With our state of the art AMG Performance Driving Center, and Sprinter Vans, you will want your next vehicle to be a Mercedes-Benz…Watch the short video below…

August 23rd – The rains KEPT coming and has delayed our opening a short time while landscaping and the final layer of asphalt goes in.  This will allow us a little extra time to sell the inventory before we have to move it!

Our Coffee Haus is nearing completion and the machine that makes 850 different drinks and sizes of drinks is installed.  We had a great time sampling all of the Starbucks drinks we will be able to make for you very soon.

Below, is a nice shot of the new sign being installed on our current campus at Kellogg and Greenwich.  In addition, our reception team is now answering the phone with our new names.

20130823_152136We also received the first of many to come AMG vehicles.  Proudly on display at our current campus, this is the SLS AMG GT Roadster:


August 8th – The rain keeps coming, but it doesn’t stop the work going on inside our new Mercedes-Benz of Wichita building. This past week saw the counters being installed for our “Coffee Haus”, proudly serving Starbucks coffees and teas, as well as a few surprises…20130808_155228

Also this week, the new building added color as the first coats of paint were being applied. Permanent ceiling tiles were being installed and the first of the MANY visual display screens were going up.20130808_155210

The “Kids Playzone” is starting to take shape and you will especially want to take a look at the details of the custom mural being painted by a VERY talented local artist. Pac-Man and Mario are not far behind.

The restroom facilities are nearing completion and you will be blown away by their design and thoughtful amenities…

I guess you could say we are just excited about showing you this beautiful new building YOU, our guests, helped us to build!

June 27th – The countdown continues towards the opening of our new Mercedes-Benz of Wichita Auto Haus location just north of 13th on Greenwich.  We have so many surprises for you waiting at our new building, we can’t wait to show you what you have helped us to build. First and foremost, we will have a second Courtesy Wash available for not only our Mercedes-Benz guests, but for EVERY guest no matter which brand of vehicle you have leased or purchased from us. For instance, if you have an Acura, you can choose either our All-New North campus, or our existing South Campus. Or Lexus, or ANY of our brands. Whichever is the most convenient for you – YOUR CHOICE!

20130715_135511In the meantime, Mercedes-Benz has started loading our inventory in anticipation of our big move, and we have several incentive programs that we can customize to your unique situation.  The more vehicles we lease/sell now, the more vehicles we earn for our move.  And since you helped us attain the “Best of the Best” status from Mercedes-Benz last year, we will have many special, hard to find vehicles to choose from as well.

You may very well find a vehicle as unique as YOU are….

Please enjoy the latest time-lapse video of our construction project!

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