Are You Ready for Cold Weather?

The weather in Kansas poses challenges no matter what time of the year it is.  As Winter approaches, it make sense to have your vehicle checked to make sure important safety related items are up to standard to protect you and your loved ones. A few things to consider:

  • Are your tires in need of a change?
  • Are your brakes within factory guidelines?
  • Are all of your fluids at the proper fill level?
  • Are your cabin filters fresh and free of contaminates?
  • Is your cell phone and blue tooth working properly?
  • Is your spare properly inflated in case you need to use it?
  • Are your wheels aligned to allow all of the safety features your vehicle uses to keep you safe?
  • Are your wiper blades ready to clear your windshield of snow, ice, salt, and sand?
  • Are your shocks and struts able to withstand all of the newly created potholes on our streets?

As you consider all of the above questions, call our Client Care Center and we can schedule you for your next service and our complimentary Multi-Point Inspection report will give you the above answers and more!

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