Lexus of Wichita Updates

Sometime in early March, the all-new Lexus of Wichita facility will open for our guests.  With more room, more amenities, and more of what you have come to expect from the Wichita Luxury Collection, we are sure you will be surprised and delighted at every turn.

Just a few highlights:

  • An indoor practice green that will make you feel like you are on the 7th green of Pebble Beach.  There just might be a photo opportunity here for your friends to see on social media.
  • The Zen Cafe will brew amazing fresh tea every day all day long.  Check out our samples!
  • Our Special Events Center will host spa days and other exciting new benefits for our guests.
  • The Lexus Technology Center will answer any question you have about your vehicle, old or new!
  • The “F Sport Performance Center” will provide you an opportunity to learn about Lexus performance and how you can add F Sport components to personalize your vehicle.
  • The “Hybrid Education Center” will explain and demonstrate how the Lexus Hybrid system works and what new developments in hybrid technology are coming to not only increase fuel economy, but increase performance AND make nice with the environment.

I could go on but we want to leave some of the surprises for you to discover in March!  See you then….

In the meantime, click HERE to visit our virtual showroom and help us move a few of our Lexus inventory into your garage so we don’t have to move them up the street in March….

Photo: The new sign is up at 13th and Greenwich. Stay tuned here for more details as we get closer to the opening of our new location.

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