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Certified Specials

Where is the best place to purchase a pre-owned Audi or Lexus?  The dealer that has first choice when it comes to these luxury vehicles.

Did you know that when a lease is returned to a dealer, the dealer has first choice as to whether or not they keep the vehicle? If the dealer refuses the vehicle, it then goes to a private auction for only the dealers that sell that make of vehicle new.  If the vehicle is passed over and rejected again, THEN the vehicle goes to public auction where Carmax and the dealers on South Broadway get a crack at the vehicle.

Now why would a dealer reject a vehicle?  Maybe we have one very similar already in stock.  Maybe the vehicle requires too much reconditioning to keep.  Maybe it was smoked in.  Maybe we know the service history of the vehicle and would rather not take the chance of retailing a vehicle that had a spotty service history.

Whatever the reason, the Wichita Luxury Collection is the place to save money on a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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Audi A3 Lease Special

The A3 is more than an affordable luxury sedan.  It is a fun drive with amazing technology integrated through out the vehicle.  And when you lease it for under $300 a month, it fits just about any budget.

Remember, just because you are paying more for another vehicle, doesn’t mean you are getting more.

2016 Lexus ES Lease


Are you looking for luxury?  Are you looking for reliability? Come test drive the vehicle that helps Lexus achieve award after award for dependability and reliability.  The easy to drive ES 350….
2016 ES 350 –$339mo.36mos. –$1,999due at signing.

Excludes official fees, taxes and dealer charges. No security deposit required. 10,000 mile/year limit.

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Great Gifts

From time to time, the staff at all of our boutiques clear out inventory to make way for new and exciting merchandise from all of our luxury brands.  And when they do, it is time to “save some green” and get the shirt, coat, purse, or branded novelty item you have had your eye on when you stopped for a car wash or service visit.

Stop by any of our showrooms and a member of our amazing concierge team will assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.