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Associate of the Month – Tangela Ross!

If This Were a Horse Race….Latest JD Power Initial Quality Study Released!

Scholfield Auto Plaza would be the talk of the racing world.  For the first time ever, our Luxury Brands took the top FOUR spots in the latest JD Powers Initial Quality Study (IQS) survey recently released.  They were in order—





BMW was 17th!  With more than 30 more problems per 100 vehicles than our four Brands.  Ouch!

While this survey mostly speaks to the quality from the factory (and several of the factories of our brands won awards), this also speaks to the culture we exhibit everyday in taking care of our guests in a way that exceeds their expectations.  This would be the one and only, often imitated, surely sought after, Scholfield Luxury Experience.

One last note, the Lexus LS 460 was the vehicle that for the fourth year in a row had the LOWEST number of problems per 100 vehicles.

Awesome Acura!!!

Hats off to everyone on our Acura Team for receiving a perfect 100% on every single one of their surveys from our guests!  This was for Sales, Service, and Parts!  This made Acura #1 in the entire U.S. of A.

Wichita Pride

This quote was in Carrie Rengers “Have You Heard” blog (a must read if you care about the business climate and what’s going on in Wichita)—

“You have a very low opinion of yourselves, and you’re not afraid to share it.”

Dave Brandon, a Dallas site-selection consultant

This has bothered me for a couple of weeks and on Thursday night, while visiting with a High School buddy from Dallas, he commented about how “awesome Old Town was”.  That got me thinking.

Why do people in Wichita so easily denigrate our great city?  I know it is possible that we are just joking and trying to be humble, but really?  Do we realize what we have in Wichita?  Let me name just a few things that I think give us something to be prideful about:

  1. Our roads are some of the best in the Midwest.  Having lived in Tulsa, OKC, Springfield (Missouri), Lincoln (Nebraska) and Rogers (Arkansas), I have found that not only do our road projects get done on time, they also are done way in advance of handling the road traffic.  Tulsa, on the other hand, waits until the roads are so desperately needed, when the projects do get finished, they are near capacity again.  Lay off the “Kellogg Project Jokes”!
  2. The whole East versus West thing.  As if the Eastsiders and Westsiders are like the Sneetches from the Dr Seuss book.  Take note–you will NOT get cooties from visiting the other side of town.  You may find a new friend or shop and have more excuses to use Kellogg!
  3. Our airport is so small and dinky and the flights are too early and expensive garbage.  Sure most of our flights depart before the sun rises (see our Airport Shuttle Service!), but you also get to your destination on the east coast before sunset and can actually get to your hotel early enough to relax instead of arriving just in time to go to sleep.  I LOVE that our airport is small enough to be able to get through ticketing, security, and the gate in minutes as opposed to the delays of getting through all of the above in Dallas, Atlanta, or Chicago.  And as for cheap flights?  I flew six members of my family NONSTOP from Wichita to LA (thanks Allegiant!) for $480 round-trip.  Total!  With fees and taxes! With a CHECKED bag!  so it is possible with a little planning to get a TREMENDOUS deal out of Wichita.
  4. There is NEVER anything to do in Wichita except watch the wheat grow.  WRONG!  My buddy was so impressed at the activity in Old Town on a Spring Thursday evening, he said it reminded him of the Dallas Alley or Austin, Texas!  And he is right!  From the Warren Old Town Grill (A shout out to my wife!) and the clubs and the restaurants, there is something for everyone.  With little to no crime, it is safe, too.  With the Intrust Bank Arena bringing in the best acts (and HUGE variety from gospel to dinosaurs to Star Wars to Jeff Dunham), it is only getting better.  Soon we will have the Ladies NCAA Basketball Tournament and maybe the Men’s Tourney (start your brackets!)… Not to mention Riverfest!  And the NBC Tournament!
  5. Our schools are awesome!  From Derby to Goddard to Andover and everywhere in between, we have great kids and top notch sports, choir, and band programs, to name just a few.
  6. Wichita State!  And Newman!  And Friends!  Attend something!  Support our teams!
  7. Our business community is amazing from aircraft to the entrepreneurial spirit that started great businesses like Pizza Hut and Freddies and Hawker Beechcraft.

I think I could go on but you may already get my point.  Wichita is a GREAT place to live and raise a family.  It is not bragging or obnoxious if it is true.  Let’s stop the self-bashing and start talking up our Wichita.  When someone asks you where your from, tell them with pride that “I’m from Wichita, KS! The best secret in America!”.  If we take pride in ourselves, others will follow.

When people ask us how our business has taken such a dominant lead in the Luxury Automotive Makret in Wichita, I say it’s about our Scholfield Luxury Experience.  Nearly every employee buys into and breathes life into the program.  There is no reason why Wichita cannot feel the same way about herself.

Who’s with me?

Just a Reminder….

Lexus has been put through the media wringer lately and I thought we would put just a little information here that you may not be getting from the “free” press…

◊ Toyota’s direct investment in the United States exceeded $17 billion – Source: United States Operations 2009 Brochure
◊ More than half of the Lexus/Toyota/Scion vehicles sold in the U.S. were manufactured here – Source: United States Operations 2009 Brochure
◊ Toyota’s corporate operations has helped to employ over 200,000 people in North America 2 – Source: United States Operations 2009 Brochure
◊ Toyota plans to spend $100 million during the next four years on advanced research activity in North America -Source:
◊ Toyota donated nearly $65 million to U.S. charities last year—Source: Yoshi Inaba, 2010 Automotive News Congress Speech
◊ Toyota was ranked the number 1 company in R&D spending for all industries according to a Booz & Company study. We spent $9 billion
on cars for the future, or an average of more than $1 million PER HOUR! – Source: Yoshi Inaba, 2010 Automotive News Congress Speech

The Yankees went several years without a World Series win.  Great teams always bounce back because they have great people on the team.  What got Lexus number one in the luxury market is what will keep them number one for a long time.  Becoming the number one luxury automotive company was not a fluke or lucky.  It took years of dedication and hard work.

May The Best Car Win? We Already Have!

And we will continue to do so.

GM has made a pretty bold challenge and is attempting to compete with the Luxury Makers such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.  One local dealer even put out a worthless ad in a magazine few read that said the SRX was better than the RX.  I guess Intellichoice thought differently.

Here is the press release from Lexus… CLICK HERE.

I guess the “Lexus” of luxury automobiles is still a Lexus…

Our Brush with Royalty…

2009I had the distinct pleasure of assisting the reigning Miss America, Katie Stam, while she was in Wichita on Sunday, November 1st and Tuesday, November 3rd.

As this was my first time to be in the presence of who is the closest thing to a real Princess in America, I did not know what to expect.  What I found was a confident, kind, and humble lady.  I was surprised that she travels very simply as to not attract attention (both good and bad).  She also is on the road so much, she does not have a “home base” to crash back to after a long trip.  She has been on a long trip since she was crowned over 9 months ago.

Miss America Visits Wichita 058

What else was amazing is that she put the same effort into a trip to an elementary school as she does into singing the National Anthem before an NFL game.  She also had a quirky sense of humor.  She said Wichita reminded her of home and that she was looking forward to going home soon.

All in all, it was a pretty cool few moments with a real celebrity that does not act like a “real” celebrity.  Katie has a new batch of fans in Wichita at Scholfield Auto Plaza…

Fall HS Sports

Kansas has a rich history of supporting High School Sports.  Fall brings football (remember Barry Sanders?) and volleyball, a sport that is growing in popularity and fan support.  Click here for and here for — two of the area’s best websites for High School Sports.

AutoPalooza – Porsche Ride and Drive

Our guests had an amazing time as they raced around the track in the Porsche 911, Cayman, and Boxster.  This Ride and Drive was a “sold out” event and was a lot of fun.


AutoPalooza 2009 – Lotus Performs!

Here are a few short clips of “Lotus” performing live at our AutoPalooza 2009 Event held Sunday, September 20th.  They (as always) were amazing!DSCN3926