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Why Do We Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy-New-Year-Images-2018-HD-1-1  If you are like most people, you will undoubtedly make a resolution or two in the next few days. Maybe you want to lose weight? Maybe to stop a bad habit? Or maybe start a good habit? Whatever the reason, you are not alone as over 58% of us will make at least one resolution (according to Statistic Brain). Unfortunately, only 8% of us actually achieve some level of success with our resolutions.

Here are a few ideas to assist you in maintaining your resolution through-out the year.

  1. themoon  Don’t shoot for the moon. The old adage of shoot for the stars and if you miss you’ll hit the moon does not apply here. Most people start with a huge goal and when they miss-step, drop the resolution altogether. A friend of mine posted on Facebook in November that their goal at the start of the year was to lose 25 pounds…..and they only had 35 pounds to go! Shoot for a smaller more attainable mark and once you hit it, stretch it out to the next mark. So shoot for a 5 pound weight loss. Once you hit that, make a new mark of 5 pounds more. And so on.
  2. nevergiveup  If you DO miss a goal, don’t quit! Reset and start again! You do not know what outside influences might get in the way of you making your mark. Life happens! Reset, and begin again! If you win more battles than lose, you will eventually win the war! January 1st is not the only day that you can make a resolution.
  3. with someone that has the same or similar goals. Is it any wonder why Spin Class and Group Exercise have both grown tremendously over the past few years? Being a part of a like-minded community can assist you in furthering your goals and achieving long term success in ways you may have never before imagined!
  4. paradigm-shift  Make your goal bigger than yourself. I know of a friend that could never quit smoking. He tried every year to do so and always failed. Until the day he found out that he and his wife were going to have their first baby. Right then and there his paradigm shifted and his motivation for quitting smoking was exposed. He quit and has never gone back to the habit.
  5. ParticleMindsUse pictures to mentally remind yourself of your goal. If you are trying to lose weight, maybe you hang a picture on your fridge that reminds you not to snack. Or if you are wanting to save for a vacation but always waste money on frivolous things like Starbucks or fast food, maybe put a picture on your phone to remind you of where it is you want to go. Use your phone (as if you don’t have it in your hand right now) to set reminders to take your vitamins, drink more water, or exercise more. Use your past self to remind your present self of what your future self wants to achieve!

240_F_119630163_wJRGEXJhFDC7J3HT8JO4IIPT6gblxZ8k  These five suggestions are not the only five ways to assist in achieving your New Year’s resolutions. But they can help. And if they do, drop us a comment below and share with us what worked for you. And share this blog with your friends…..please and thank you!


Lexus 2 Year Sales Event

Quick Link to our Lexus Website

We are TWO Years Old in our new facility on Greenwich, just north of 13th Street.  If you haven’t checked us out yet, you should!  If you HAVE checked us out, and still do not have a new or Certified Lexus, you should check us out again!

Lexus has provided special publicized incentives, beyond the two vehicles we have featured, that will help us achieve far beyond our objectives for April.  E-Mail General Sales Manager, Josh Lambert, for assistance in the Lexus of your Dreams at …or call him directly at 316.719.8610 on his direct line…

Lexus NX Crossover First Teaser Pix

Lexus has released the first teaser photo of the all-new NX crossover model family.  Expected to have the first turbo-charged engine as well as a hybrid option, this vehicle will have something for everyone.

Lexus NX Compact Crossover Teaser

For more, visit a great Lexus blog at the Lexus Enthusiast

The 2014 Lexus IS 250 & IS 350

Here are just a few of the reviews on how the all-new 2014 Lexus IS stacks up against the other luxury sport sedans…

2014 Lexus IS cockpit

Extreme Tech

2014 Lexus IS: The Jalopnik Review


I could post a dozen more reviews that all basically say the same thing….you NEED to drive this car!  CLICK HERE to send that very message to our Client Care Manager…

The 2014 Acura MDX

2014 Acura MDX - Action Front 3/4 - 2

For a review from, CLICK HERE.

And a review from Fox News, that spends quite a bit of time on the Lane Keep feature and the Radar Cruise Control – CLICK HERE.

From our perspective, the 2014 MDX is just plain cool.  With a great ride, plenty of “git up and go”, Acura took the best parts of the outgoing version, listened to about 150,000 owners, and made enhancements inside and out.

The interior really steps it up with dual screens to control navigation, the media center, and climate controls.  Instead of toggling back and forth between screens, you simply have two screens, nicely arranged, to see everything you want to see.

And while I have not had a chance to test the features mentioned in the Fox News story above, you can bet we will shortly on K-96….


Stop in for a test drive today, or CLICK HERE to send an e-Mail to our Client Care Manager…