Movie Review – History of the Eagles

I was recently flipping through the channels and one of my favorite Eagle’s songs was playing on Showtime.  Curious, I watched and was very pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn’t a random music video, but rather a comprehensive 3+ hour documentary on the history of the Eagles.

And by history, I mean from the time these guys were children to the time they Glenn Frey and Don Henley met playing backup for Linda Ronstadt.

This documentary does not shy away from any topic, including the bands history with substance abuse and abuse of each other.  There was an especially emotional section regarding Joe Walsh’s rehab, and the struggle directly after.

Sprinkled throughout is some amazing music and a pretty solid background of how the music industry works.  Especially interesting was the creative process behind some of the best songs they wrote together.

The video is not available yet on Blu-ray, but I suspect after making the film festival rounds, it will be, hopefully with even more content.  After 3+ hours of watching the show, I was wanting still more, it was that good.

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