Poll: Lexus LF-Ch or Acura ZDX: Which will you choose?

 The Lexus LF-Ch

As the latest concept hybrid vehicle from Lexus, the LF-Ch pairs driving enjoyment with a sustainable focus. It offers visually striking styling, premium features, an innovative drivetrain with low emissions and impressive fuel economy in a sporty yet versatile five-door package.

To see more on this  new concept from Lexus visit: http://www.lexus.com/fcv/lf_ch.html

The Acura ZDX

From the Acura Design Studio in Southern California comes a vehicle that defiantly blurs the line between modern luxury and flexible utility. With sleek, coupe styling, sport-sedan agility and can-do versatility, the ZDX is not only the next era of Acura innovation – it’s a bold new way to engage the world.

To see more on this new concept from Acura visit: http://www.acura.com/FutureVehiclesFlash.aspx#/FutureVehiclesZDX


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